Behold. Believe. Become.


Toby is the founder of With Conviction Group. She’s been convicted of a felony, but a felony is not who – or what – she is. Christian is the president of With Conviction Group. He believes living with a conviction is like being locked up. But living with conviction is like being locked on! Together, they are changing the world – through speaking, mentoring, storytelling, marketing and writing.


Felons are the most disadvantaged group in America today. The types of disabilities felons typically face seem to justify the bias against them. Many – mostly uneducated, underprivileged, unemployed and broken-spirited people not only have themselves with whom to contend, but the system as well.

All will find value here.


The antidote to “a conviction” is conviction!

These two terms couldn’t possibly be more opposite in definition and in spirit,.

Perspective changes anything.

See life for what it is… a journey.


Shout your story!

Accept your circumstances!

Own your outcome!

Together with you, we can achieve anything.

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